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Ruins Revisited

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I keep playing with this image. It’s like poetry. I’ve written and published bit of poetry and was asked once how you know when a poem is finished. I said a poem is finished when its beat you to death and there’s no more left for you to put into it.

Some photographs are the same. There are those that I know exactly what I want to see when it’s done then there are those that just keep praying on your mind so you go back to it over and over trying different things until the picture revels itself. I find that this happens most on photographs that I passed over the first time I sorted shots. I’m just not in tune with it at the sorting time but later I see it and all of a sudden something popes out. The mystery of art or maybe better, the mystery of the mind.

Here is a sample of a poem that isn’t cooked yet. I keep them in the “not finished” folder on my computer.

I see blue sky


The cold sets in.

But today the sky is blue.

I live for blue.

My chest. A thousand pounds

Pressing down.

What useless emotions.

Wasted and wasting me.

Where is peace?

Under the rubble of broken buildings in Haiti,

Shaken by God’s hand?  Maybe.

The year ends. I look for that strand to pull myself into the next.

100 in 365 Update

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I have been able to work on several photos. Most are shot with the iPhone and others are finished with software either on the iPhone or iPad. Where accurate straightening was needed I used Lightroom.

Here is my statement:

“The main force that drives my photography is my desire to see things as they truly are and not through the metaphor of language.  I feel language takes away our ability to see the uniqueness of the people and things that surround us every day.

I subscribe to Jacques Lacan’s notion of the Real.  Lacan argues inThe Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis that we must usethe Symbolic and the Imaginary to connect to the world around us and the primary tool is linguistics.  The Real is not the same thing as reality because our reality is composed of both the Imaginary and the Symbolic.  The Real is opposed to the Imaginary and stands outside the Symbolic.  In Lacan’s book, The Seminar of Jacques Lacan: Book II: The Ego in Freud’s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis 1954–1955 (W. W. Norton & Company, 1991) Lacan makes it clear that “there is no absence in the Real.”  To see the Real is to experience a thing for the first time.

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To me this says what constitutes the Real is something observed in total.  No filters blocking the view or imaginary ideas polluting the observation.  In Lacan’s Seminar XI he defines the Real as “the impossible because it is impossible to imagine, impossible to integrate into the Symbolic, and impossible to obtain.”

I strongly feel it is the job of the artist to reach past the obstacles and capture an image as close to the state of the Real as we can.  We bring it back and by showing it to others we give people the opportunity to encounter the Real even though it is shown through the interpretation of the artist.”


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Here is the latest on 100 in 365.2.

Visit the site:


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Now it is October. It always seems that September just melts away with changes from the heat of August nights to the cool of October days. This is the best month of the year. Erratic change takes place from green summer colors toward the colors of fall with bright oranges and then death. Death can be felt in the cold winds that blow carrying with it dried brown leaves and trees devoid of all color. Our minds try to soften the fear by celebrating Halloween. In fact Halloween comes from the old Irish word, Samuin meaning summers end. It was an old Irish tradition to build large bonfires and feed them with the bones of dead cattle then go home and light the fire in your hearth from flames taken from the bonfire.

It was all about purging and sometimes two bonfires would be lit and people and cattle would walk between them to cleans themselves. It was also believed the space between our world and “the other side” would become very thin. That evil would come through along with some of  loved ones. Masks and the like would be worn to fool the evil spirits. Symbols like carved pumpkins lit with candles were set in windows to keep the dead away. It wasn’t until the 16th century the name All Hollows Even was used.

Irish Jack-O-Lantern

The Jack O lantern is also from old Ireland. It was felt they could keep the spirits at bay on this frightening night. Today we carve them for fun and place them on our door step to welcome trick or treaters. It is all a game with the fear of things from the other side relegated to bad horror movies and sometime excellent horror fiction. One of the best writers of our time Ray Bradbury wrote an excellent novel that was released in 1962 called Something Wicked This Way Comes. The title of this work was taken from William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth: by the picking of my thumbs/something wicked this way comes.

It is an October story and if you’ve never read it now’s the time. Don’t watch the movie!

Here we are. Moving deep into October Country. With all its games and fun shot through with fear and change. A time of endings and looking toward the new beginnings of spring wondering what the wasteland of winter will take from us this year.


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Last weekend I spent Friday night and Saturday showing my work at the Westport Arts event. My main reason for doing this was to learn how art fairs work, how to set one up, and what kind of products I need to make sales. I learned a lot. I showed several Palladium prints and found most people didn’t understand what that was. I had one college student ask me where I got my edges. I spent a lot of time educating folks on the art of making a hand-made print vs. an inkjet print. They were amazed I could make a negative from a digital negative and equally so when I told them about the paper coating process. The “edges” were nothing more than excess emulsion that was turned black by the overexposure to UV light. I did have several archival inkjet prints to show as well. This allowed me to gauge the reaction to my photos and see which ones were popular and which were photographs people didn’t understand.

I learned that I need an artist’s statement with some of my work. I don’t think of my work as photos. To me they are pieces of art using the photographic method. I think that means I am attempting to create a work that elicits an emotional response not just a, “Wow that a nice shot.” I did bring my picture of a tree with no leaves and a somewhat disturbing background and that one was a hit. People would ask me where this tree was. I told them it was in my mind because if they were to see the real tree or the original photograph they would be very disappointed. The tree in the piece was in my mind and that’s how I saw this tree.

Overall a very fun and educational weekend. I met some other great artists and enjoyed some Jerusalem Cafe curly fries. Wow.


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Books are selling out. Like I said only 10 were made. Four are left for sale. Prints from the Wood Dickinson Photography website are also selling out. If you want one don’t wait. I will not do another run. Only posters or postcards.

Contact me directly for sales.

New Book

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If you go to my website you will find information on a private published book of me B&W photos of Ireland.  There will only be 10 produced and they cost $100 each. Take a look.  Click HERE.

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