Ruins Revisited

I keep playing with this image. It’s like poetry. I’ve written and published bit of poetry and was asked once how you know when a poem is finished. I said a poem is finished when its beat you to death and there’s no more left for you to put into it. Some photographs are the […]

100 in 365 Update

I have been able to work on several photos. Most are shot with the iPhone and others are finished with software either on the iPhone or iPad. Where accurate straightening was needed I used Lightroom.


Here is the latest on 100 in 365.2. Visit the site:


Now it is October. It always seems that September just melts away with changes from the heat of August nights to the cool of October days. This is the best month of the year. Erratic change takes place from green summer colors toward the colors of fall with bright oranges and then death. Death can […]


Last weekend I spent Friday night and Saturday showing my work at the Westport Arts event. My main reason for doing this was to learn how art fairs work, how to set one up, and what kind of products I need to make sales. I learned a lot. I showed several Palladium prints and found […]