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New concerns – Iceland volcano: magma moving towards new volcanic system – could set off another volcano

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More to come…

The Extinction Protocol

August 2014 ICELAND – The magma from Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano could be moving towards another large volcanic system. Data recorded by a team from the University of Cambridge suggests that 50 million cubic meters of molten rock has moved in the last 24 hours. If it continues on a northern trajectory it could feed into the Askja volcanic system, potentially triggering a large eruption. Prof Bob White said: “It’s headed straight for it.” But he cautioned that volcanoes were hard to predict. “It’s moving at about 4km a day towards Askja, and if it keeps going it will get there in a few days,” he told BBC News. “We know there is a lot of molten rock sitting under the ground beneath Askja, which is a major volcanic system. If this molten rock hits that, we know it is likely to trigger it to erupt. “But who knows, it…

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Last night I went to my daughter’s high school ‘back to school night.’ School started about two days ago so it was really early this year. One of the classes she’s taking is photo one. We were told that the kids will be using film cameras and “getting wet” learning about photography.

I have to say there was a time I believed this was the route to go if one really wanted to learn about the art but as I’ve thought more about what photography is as either a journalistic medium or artistic medium I feel less and less that using film and a wet darkroom has much value at all unless it is artistically justified.

I’ve been shooting pictures for over 40 years so I have shot a lot (and I mean a lot) of film and spent 100s of hours in a darkroom. I still have a wet darkroom but only use it for things like Palladium printing.

Why is film necessary to learn the nuts and bolts? I use manual on my digital camera all the time setting the f-stop or shutter speed. I think depth of field and focus are not film related. Negatives use to be made on glass or prints made directly on tin.

Film photography is expensive with the rise in silver prices and the chemicals are toxic presenting a safety hazard and a pollution problem. Learning “How to See” is not a product of the medium being used it is a product of the mind. Brain wiring is made stronger by repetition. Practice. Shooting a 100 photos will advance you better in the art than 24 shots at a time.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love film cameras. They themselves are works of art but is its use necessary to learning the art? I think not.  Art isn’t about cameras or paints or film or paper. Art is about seeing what is real and interpreting that for others to see. When the camera clicks you are trying to create a statement that may or may not be directly in front of you.

Take for instance this tree photo. When I took the photo I really didn’t “see” what I was shooting. I never used it so it sat on a hard drive for a few years until one day the art exposed itself to me. That’s one reason I say, “Never delete a single image, it just may take awhile to process.”

A few weeks ago as I was working on a piece of writing this tree opened up to me. Now I see what is real so I can show it to you. Maybe it’s time to think about new ways to teach this art. You think? I mean, I’m just saying…

How I Didn’t Become a Professional Photographer and What I Learned Along the Way

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Life really is a journey. It has the proverbial beginning middle and end. Now the beginning is luck and the end is inevitability. It’s the “along the way” that gets you. On this lucky friday the 13th, 2011 I can’t help but think about all those things I did, what I’d wished I’d done, what I regret doing, and wondering if so far, have I made a difference.

It seems fame and fortune is such a driving force that if you don’t attain at least one of them you are a failure. Neither are important. Trust me on this. Some people are destined for fame others aren’t and all of us can make enough money to live a comfortable life.

There are things I believe regardless of what others think. Some are below:

I believe,

I’m a talented photographer able to see the world in a dramatic and artistic way regardless of the fact that I rarely sell any work or have it published in magazines.

I believe,

I’m a talented writer even though I haven’t sold a book. I image and wonder in ways most people never will.

I believe,

I have skills and knowledge to help people who are suffering with crisis even without certification!

I believe,

I have left a mark on this world. It is a better place because I’ve been here.

I believe,

Most people put money ahead of humility and friendship and when someone needs them they’re not there.

I believe,

A lot of people give lip service to God but won’t stick their necks out (or their money) to bring the message of Jesus Christ to anyone.

I believe,

We are losing the art of communications and empathic relationships. Just text it.

I believe,

With out passion you will gain nothing.

There is more that I believe but I’ll stop there.

What I do know is this:

I have raised (almost) eight kids of which, one will be a world-class photographer and everyone will know his name, another will succeed in theatre and has already made a reputation for herself in Chicago. Another child is starting her nursing career after finishing college this year and has true drive and passion to quietly give herself to the sick and hurting without awards and fame. Two other kids have wonderful children, provide for their families and carry on our traditions. All of these kids work hard and know the meaning of family. That is something that is lost today. I’ve watched another child struggle with volleyball timid and shy become a skilled player, aggressive and now being recruited by college teams. She has a gentle spirit and a peace about her that will touch the lives of many people.

I also have two children who are troubled and filled with self-doubt and pain. They lay just beyond my reach but I will never stop loving them and reaching out to them in hope.

What have I learned along the way? I’ve learned the simple things are the most important and bring the greatest joy. Reading a book, learning new things, helping others, loving my wife, watching my grand kids grow, living with honor knowing if I stepped on anyone’s back to get where I am today, I have asked them for forgiveness. I’ve learned the most important thing I can do is love God then others and finally myself. I’ve learned to forgive and forgive myself. I’ve learned that stories I write and photographs I take give me joy and the rest of the world is at a loss for not being able to experience them. I’ve also learned to not give up.  Hope is real and that I can teach better than most even though I’m not given the chance. I’ve learned not to waste time being bitter. The world is a wonderful place and learning to live with humility is one of the greatest things I can do. I’ve learned loving my wife is the greatest joy of all.

Peace be with you all on this Friday the 13th and remember 13 really is a lucky number. You just have to believe.

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