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An Example

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I worked on a photo I took in New York City back in 2009. Th image was shot using a Leica M8 digital range finder camera. It was so dark in this entrance to the building that I had to use the highest ISO the camera has. That means noise in the negative. In the film days it meant grain in the negative. All about the same problem.

I tried to salvage the photo by turning it to Black & White but as you can see it didn’t help much.

Now just 5 years later the tools have evolved (along with my skills) to the point that I decided to take another try at it. Using a combination of Lightroom adjustments plus Photoshop retouching with Topaz Clean, Topaz DeNoise and DxO Optics 9 I was able to clean up the noise while keeping image detail. I used Optics 9 to true up the wall and improve the composition.

Then back in Lightroom I turned the image into B&W for final output. All told, two hours to create a greatly improved photograph. I have put the original color capture here along with my original try at a B&W image (2009). The last photograph is the 2014 final version. What can I say?

Original Capture

    Original Capture











2009 Try

    2009 Try

2014 Final

2014 Final












Up too Late on Christmas Eve

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FlyLast night I went to see Frozen with two of my daughters. Got home about midnight a bit wired so I sat down and wrote and edited on The Robin Randle Stories. Next thing I know it’s 3 AM! Wow. Now today I’m still working on Robin’s little story but need to call it a day. It is Christmas.

The update is, Robin’s getting close to finished. Some of the transitional scenes near the end are giving me fits but hey, that’s what writings all about. Right? Never give up, Never surrender. You just keep going till the damn thing’s beat you to death! By the way, this photo here is one I took flying to New York in 2005 I think. Just found it and it spoke to me. Post production time on this photograph, three hours. Just sayin’. Oh, and if you want to be a writer, make sure pounding criticism is one of those things that doesn’t bother you.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. Let the light of God’s love shine in your heart.


All Star Break Hangover…

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I can’t believe it’s over. After a year of anticipation, planning, and paying for tickets one of the greatest events in Baseball, The All Star Game is in the record books. Living in Kansas City I had the opportunity to experience all the run up to the event, something you don’t experience unless your there. Radio talk shows, all the yea and nay about hosting this event, all the doom and gloom about how Kansas City was a poor selection because we aren’t good fans, etc, etc…

I don’t follow the sports talk radio anymore but I did this week because everything here in KC was electric. After years of dreaming of going to an All Star Game I had four ticket strips to all event in my hands. Wow. A lot of people don’t know the impact this event has on a city. We had a week long Fan Fest at Bartle Hall convention center and everyone just loved it. Sunday we went to the Future Stars baseball game. The teams were composed of the hottest prospects from the minor leagues and after that was the Celebrity and Old Timers softball game.

For those of you who want to know the inside scoop just click HERE.

What went largely unreported was the fact that the Sunday events drew the largest crowds ever. On Sunday my daughters Margaret, Meghan and her friend Tori went with me. We had a blast; especially wearing the Taco Bell head gear for the TV camera.

What didn’t go unnoticed was the Monday night BOOING of Robinson Cano.  He’s a Yankee (Yankees are not well liked in KC in the first place) who was chosen to be Captian for the American League and picked the team that would play in the Home Run Derby. The KC fans were miffed because he didn’t put the Royals Billy Butler on the team. Butler was the only Royal chosen for the All Stars and a fan favorite with Royals fans. Cano got a lesson in politics. Yes, politics even in picking the Home Run Derby team. He ended up with 0 home runs and 10 outs. I don’t think he had a good time.

My oldest son Matthew came with me and my daughter Mary and her boyfriend Kenny. I had a surprise visit from Kyle Walker a peer of Mathews (30) who is one of my Eagle Scouts. By that I mean he was a Lone Scout and I was his advisor. A great kid, well man now even with children! I hate feeling old. Matthew (also an Eagle) has four kids too so I am Grandpa. Time flies.

The real fun of each day of the All Star event was the time spent with my kids (I have 8). Recently I got to do a short road trip with Matthew up to Chicago to visit my daughter Kathleen. She works in theatre as a stage manager. I guess some of my showbiz blood rubbed off on her. We went to a Cubs game and again it was the time spent with my now adult children that made it so special.

Back to KC: Then the Game on Tuesday. I brought Margaret, Meghan and Matthew. Matthew was picked to do a barrel toss after the third inning ON THE FIELD! He had the “ultimate” fan experience Tuesday. So what the American League got shut out 8-0; we had a great time. I even met the fellow sitting next to me who was from St. Louis and there alone. He works for Penske in HR and rolled into KC on Tuesday and lucked into a single ticket for the game. We talked about kids, food, music, and a little business. Nice guy. Behind me was a contingent of folks from Dallas. Everyone was friendly and just having a good time except maybe Robinson Cano.

Missed you Andrew.


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Today’s photograph was taken in the Bronx last summer. I used a Nikon D2Xs.

Chrysler Building

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This is a photograph of the Chrysler Building that was taken two years ago. I used a Nikon D70 and extensive Photoshop work.

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