100 in 365 version 2.0 – Limited Edition

The Limited Edition is now out.

To buy one click HERE.

Only 99 copies available so don’t wait too long. Each copy is signed and numbered.

100 in 365 version 2.0 soft cover edition

Out now. The soft cover edition of 100 in 365 version 2.0. To look and buy click HERE.


I came across this photo today. It is a picture of me at 9 and my brother Kent at 15. It is August 1962 and the location is somewhere in New Hampshire. This is all I know. Not sure who took the shot. Probably my mom. Also I don’t know why my late brother Scott isn’t in it. Mysteries. What I want to think about is how does this photo make me “feel.” The original is a 3×3 inch faded color print. There aren’t any markings on the back except