100 in 365 version 2.0 – Limited Edition

The Limited Edition is now out.

To buy one click HERE.

Only 99 copies available so don’t wait too long. Each copy is signed and numbered.

100 in 365 Version 2.0

Today the draft of 100 photos in 365 days is done. As with all things, there is some editing I want to do before I call it and start on the book. Go take a look by clicking…

Vanishing Point

I spent some time this morning with my daughter showing her the process I use in image capture and editing. I selected this image because it was originally captured on film and let me explain the scanning process It also reinforces the concept of the vanishing point. Personally this is a theme I seem to […]


Last weekend I spent Friday night and Saturday showing my work at the Westport Arts event. My main reason for doing this was to learn how art fairs work, how to set one up, and what kind of products I need to make sales. I learned a lot. I showed several Palladium prints and found […]


From Patti Dickinson: Okay, I’ve been missing in action.  Posts weeks apart. Wood and I are writing a book.  It is a celebration of twenty years of Project Uplift’s outreach to the community of the homeless in Kansas City.  It is something that we are both passionate about.  Wood is taking the photographs and I […]