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path-2 copyWhen I think of the word ghost, I usually think, scary story. Like the around the campfire at a campout kind of story. Most ghost stories seem to require a few common things, at least one ghost, a scary setting like an abandoned house that’s falling apart and, a person who is going to be threatened by this ghost. It’s always good if it’s a girl and the person who saves her.

I like to tell a folktale at Halloween called Tailypo. This story was first recorded by Leonard Roberts in 1955. It comes from the Appalachian region of the country but I always use the Ozark’s as the setting because it’s closer to the mid-west. The story has variations in both place and the name of the creature but otherwise pretty much the same. It’s a fun story to scare kids with. The Tailypo isn’t a real creature so I’m thinking maybe it is a ghost.

Peter Straub wrote an amazing novel called Ghost Story. Read it. Do not watch the movie. It is horrible. This book is a great ghost story.

But there is a lot more to this ghost thing than just stories. Ghosts can be many things other than disembodied spirits. Like a ghost of an idea or maybe a ghost writer. There’s always the ghost town. Colorado is full of them. Then there is the thing writer are always looking for, a ghost of an idea. You get the picture. Many of the photos I’ve done over the years have had the essence of ghosts. A glimpse into a place we shouldn’t see.

I like this word. It makes you stop and think. Think about life and death and loved ones who have passed. It makes you wonder about what lies just beyond the borders of life. If you are wondering, yes I have seen a ghost. Have you? Recently I wrote a poem that’s a bit of a ghost story. I think. You never know with poems even when you write them. Here it is.

found us final

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The Fog

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The Three

A few weeks back we had a couple of days where the fog around Kansas City got pretty bad.  This time of year it can be 70 one day and snow the next. I spent a little time hunting around town looking for the right objects I needed to create some ideas I’ve been wanting to work on. This is one.  I know the element of fog may not be apparent but it gave me the atmosphere I needed to work with. I was mostly trying to get a group of 3 and these 3 trees stood out. I guess you’d call this surrealistic but to me it is a glimpse into that world that you can only see out of the corner of your eye. An elusive place that is part of  The Region. The Region is a place between where a character I created, named Robin Randle, has been and is currently deciding if she wants to go back to.

The story started off as a short story but this girl has a mind of her own and I’m up to 41 pages or 15,000 words.  I have one more section in the current chapter then two more chapters (or 6 sections) to go. I think. The title of the novella is In The Region Where Madness Dwells and yes it is a horror story. I think after I finish the writing I will go into an edit phase and include some of the photographs I’m doing as well. I really like this girl. She has been one of the most interesting characters that I’ve ever dreamed up and the company she keeps is very scary. I’ll share a few more “work in progress” photos soon.

REMEMBER: No Windows No Doors exhibition through March at Cafe Trio – The book will be ready for pre-order Monday. Gala event March 31st. For all the news click HERE.


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