Where I’m At

Christmas looming and I’m still back in October. I just get stuck there every year. I love days in October when the wind is blustering about and stirring up leaves and making a mess of the world. It reminds me of my mind.

How I Didn’t Become a Professional Photographer and What I Learned Along the Way

Life really is a journey. It has the proverbial beginning middle and end. Now the beginning is luck and the end is inevitability. It’s the “along the way” that gets you. On this lucky friday the 13th, 2011 I can’t help but think about all those things I did, what I’d wished I’d done, what I regret doing, and wondering if so far, have I made a difference.

Opening Day

There’s nothing like the very first day of the baseball season. You can look at the world and think, “Anything could happen.” Sunshine and warm or gray and cold it doesn’t matter.

…and onward we go

Now that the excitement of October is past us all I can do is hold on. October is my month. A transitional month that brings…