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“It was thhur1969CamilleSate summer of 1969.  I remember ’cause the heat was relentless.  I mean there’s nothing like a good old hot humid day in New Orleans but that year hell was sitting over the city.  True summer.  The wind never stopped blowing.  Never gave us a break.  The wind picked and tore at us until finally that child of hell spawned off the coast of West Africa arrived.  Now that I think about it what an appropriate place for its birth.  Before it came I guess the wind had to start from somewhere.  Out over the murky green water of the Gulf I think.  It blew hate.  Hate is a powerful thing and the air was full of it that summer.  That wind blew north using up all the heat and hate a wind can hold.  The humidity chokes you.  Its a furnace blast strong enough to drive all the way to the Dakotas.  The weather man says the humid heat creates storms but I think they’re wrong.  I think it’s really the hate that fires the thunderstorms in the winds wake.  Really, I know it is. 

I hear that northerners complain about summer.  You know what I’d tell’m is, just come a little closer.  Closer to the Gulf.  I mean, try Houston, maybe Orlando or shit; just come on down to New Orleans.  What use to be my loving home.  At least you can party there.  Not like I was much of a party guy but what I just didn’t know was there’d be no party that summer.  Nope.  You see, I was living in a genuine ghost story.  The whole city was.  We all just didn’t know it yet.”  Well, what are you waitin’ for? Come on Inside…

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