An Example

I worked on a photo I took in New York City back in 2009. Th image was shot using a Leica M8 digital range finder camera. It was so dark in this entrance to the building that I had to use the highest ISO the camera has. That means noise in the negative. In the film days it meant grain in the negative. All about the same problem.

The 15 at Cafe Trio

The 15 photographs I chose for an exhibition at Cafe Trio may at first appear to be a random and unrelated set of photographs but they are not. I spent lots of time developing this collection. The creation of a fine art photograph is a focused and directed effort to capture an idea not just […]


When I am working on the post production of a photograph I go through several different options looking for the right one that expresses the image as I see it in my mind. I find this takes several passes through possible treatments of the image. The way I work is to start with the original RAW […]

Oh Adobe

Oh Adobe.


I came across this photo today. It is a picture of me at 9 and my brother Kent at 15. It is August 1962 and the location is somewhere in New Hampshire. This is all I know. Not sure who took the shot. Probably my mom. Also I don’t know why my late brother Scott isn’t in it. Mysteries. What I want to think about is how does this photo make me “feel.” The original is a 3×3 inch faded color print. There aren’t any markings on the back except