Stairs 2

The challenge today is thinking about how you want to use the tools to represent your photograph.  This picture was taken on Tri-X pushed to 1600 ISO and developed in ethol Blue (no longer available).  Then the image was scaned with a Nikon Cool Scanner 5000.  Then I imported it into Lightroom.  Needless to say this is an older shot I did about 1974.

Then what I’m faced with is how to effect the image with the Photoshop tools I have.  In the old days there would be no choice besides dodge/burn/hand tint or the like.  The Nik software allows you to set up control points and “play” with the image in a way that blows my mind.  It all gets back to the art and what statement you want to make but with all these tools things can get fuzzy.

I took a first crack at the picture and came up with this.



I then received a comment that the stairs in the lower left were too blown out.  Well that started me all over again using the Nik software to control specific areas of the image.  I ended up with Stairs 2

Stairs 2


This is a totally different look from the first try.  I think we try to take the easy way out of these kinds of things.  If that wasn’t true the version 2 wouldn’t exist. I personally like it better.  It is closer to what I was trying to capture. I’ve marked them #1 and #2.  Please vote on which version you would chose.