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tower22 copyI want to thank all of you who acted on the eBook offer I just ran at Amazon. The response was amazing. I’m very happy with the soft launch of my new novel. For those who missed out don’t worry, another opportunity to get a free copy of the Kindle version of The Madness of Robin Randle will be coming soon.

If you can’t wait there will be a giveaway contest at Amazon for a free copy of the print edition. I’m waiting for Amazon to send me the approval information then I’ll post it on Facebook. Keep checking back. If you’re inclined to help a struggling indie author there’s a lot you can do. The downside to being an indie author is you have to manage most of the same issues a publisher does but without a staff to help you. So, if you’re willing to help here are a few things to help get you started –

As things move toward the hard launch of the book I’ll keep you posted. Also, I suggest you sign up for the Robin Randle Newsletter if you haven’t already. I promise not to bomb your inbox. That way you’ll get emails when special offers become available along with related merchandise and limited time offers.

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